A Mother’s Quest for Freedom from Violence

A Mother’s Quest for Freedom from Violence

La Posada Providencia has always been a safe haven for many migrants reaching the United States.  On a daily basis La Posada has the privilege of listening to their incredible stories of endurance and resilience as they made their journeys to
this country.

One such story came from a 32-year-old single mother from Honduras, who was relentless in achieving her goal to reach her destination. This family had no choice but to leave their home country because of the daily violence and the constant fear they experienced. This mother knew that if they stayed their fate would be catastrophic. It is a humbling story by any measure.  She spoke of her journey from the first step she took to leave her home county to the very moment she took her first step on United States soil.  Traveling with her were her 15-year-old daughter and two sons 11
and 4, respectively.

To say that their journey was extremely difficult is a gross understatement.  They had no money and only the clothes on their back.  The mother, at most stops found odd jobs that paid meager wages, but allowed them to move forward on their journey.  Most days were dangerous and treacherous, consisting of hundreds of miles of walking and train travel that required fees.  They faced many obstacles along the way.  The mother was beaten and robbed and sadly, her daughter was raped.  But the mother’s perseverance, resiliency and love for her children kept her going along with her unwavering faith.

On the last leg of their journey, arriving in Piedras Negras, Mexico, they were faced one of their most formidable challenges – crossing the Rio Grande River.  The water was high and the current was brutal.  Eleven other migrants were trying to cross at the same time.  She recalled how she kept going under water with her 4-year-old son, but fought to keep her strength to continue to pull him out from under the water.  When asked how she kept this strength she stated that it was her faith.  She prayed for the strength to get across the river and to live even if it this meant there was a possibility of deportation back to Honduras.  Her prayers were answered.  They made it across the river and were taken to U.S. Immigration officers.  They were transported to a detention center, which she referred to as “La Perrera”.  There they were placed in holding cages as a family but at times, they were separated awaiting their documentation to be confirmed.  Once all information was confirmed, the family was reunited and awaited their fate.

When we asked this brave mother about her dreams and aspirations for the future, she simply stated that she wanted to be away from violence and to be able to work and provide a home for her family. Her next step is to go through the asylum process; she will begin once settled at their final destination. Meanwhile, the family will continue their respite at La Posada where they have started regaining their strength and a much needed sense of peace.

We wish the family well and pray for their successful resettlement!