With God All Things Are Possible

“I have never felt that I am a stranger. As if I am at home and my mother takes care of me, I see the smile on their faces that makes me feel that I am with my second family. All the words of thanks are few for them.” ~LPP guest from Syria


These are the words from Jose, an immigrant from Guatemala. At seven years old, Jose was abandoned and left at a trash dump by his mother and father. A small box among the trash heap became home. Left to fend for himself, he was forced to eat rotten food and at times went hungry. At this tender age, he started working to survive. Jose often dreamt about attending school, but it was beyond his grasp because he needed supplies and clothes that he could never afford. After receiving numerous gang threats, he feared if he did not leave Guatemala, he would either be kidnapped, go missing or be killed. Jose’s migration journey to the United States was not an easy one.

Now that Jose is at La Posada, he is getting opportunities that were never available to him in his home country. He is enrolled in school and has been provided with all the materials he needs to succeed. He no longer worries about food, shelter, or clothing.

In a recent interview, Jose was asked what he liked most about La Posada and as his eyes wielded up with tears, he said “I have never been given the love and compassion that I am experiencing here at La Posada”. Jose also expressed that La Posada is the family he never had. He feels the people really care about him and treat him with respect. He attributes having all these possibilities to one thing, his faith in God. “With God all things are possible.”

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