Administrative Assistant

Job Title: Administrative Assistant

Job Summary:

The Administrative Assistant supports the Executive Director, Operations Manager and other departments as needed. The AA primarily manages accounts payables, deposits, and the recording and reporting of hours necessary for grant compliance. The AA will also perform other administrative duties that support the client program and development efforts.

Essential Functions:

  1. Performs all Accounts Payable duties, such as paying bills (online or check), archiving receipts, and logging expenses.
  2. Makes daily electronic deposits of donations and weekly cash deposits.
  3. Maintains log and manages the signing in and out of monetary assets such as credit cards, checks, etc.
  4. Manages the recording and reporting of volunteer hours, mileage, ESL hours, and other reports necessary for grant compliance.
  5. Prints and prepares items for board and employee meetings.
  6. Inventories, orders, purchases and stocks, office supplies, and office equipment as necessary.
  7. Is the point of contact for contracted vendors (Barcom, VTX, AT&T, etc.).
  8. Assists all departments in translating information into Spanish and/or English.
  9. Assists the Executive Director with special projects and events.
  10. Accepts all other duties as assigned.

Employment Qualifications:

Associate degree in business management or related field. 1-2 years experience in business management and leadership. Valid Driver’s License and driving record in good standing. Flexible, able to adapt easily to change, and willing to help when and where needed. Proficient Computer skills, Microsoft Windows, Word or WordPerfect, Excel, Internet, and Outlook. Office essential skills such as: copying, faxing, filing, and compiling. Fluently bilingual in English and Spanish. Ability to listen, learn and teach essential tasks.

Position Classification:

  • Part-Time (29), Non-Exempt

Reports To:

  • Executive Director

If interested, send a cover letter and resume to: