After Challenging Journey, Former Client Finds Success

Tuesdays in Texas

After Challenging Journey, Former Client Finds Success

To seek asylum in a new country is a brave, courageous, and life-changing decision. This decision does not come without sacrifice, obstacles, and often many unforeseen circumstances. To leave your home in fear of your life with an uncertainty of what is to come is nothing short of brave, yet thousands of people are forced

Church Youth Find A New Way To Serve

  Because of COVID-19, people and groups wanting to serve are finding new and unique ways of doing so. Current times are unprecedented, so many people are using their creativity to connect and serve. Because of canceled summer mission trips, students from Pflugerville First United Methodist Church in Pflugerville, TX found a new way to help

Winter Texan “Goes the Extra Mile” for Charities

  La Posada Providencia is very fortunate to have good friends who also happen to be compassionate and generous human beings. Recently, we learned about the call to action that one of our friends made to feed the hungry. Moved by the long lines he saw on TV of people waiting for food because of

Not Today COVID-19

COVID-19 has changed the world in many ways. Through unprecedented times, La Posada Providencia has dedicated itself to keeping its clients and staff safe and healthy. Throughout the past few months, La Posada has implemented strategic policies and guidelines to help prevent clients and staff from infection and spreading COVID-19. These policies have and will

Former Client’s Latest Accomplishment Brings Joy

Our clients travel to the United States for many different reasons. Their unique stories can bring hope to those around them and exemplify what it means to persevere through any obstacle. La Posada Providencia has been privileged with serving a client, Shalom, who is exceptionally joyful, strong, and resilient. Her story is worthy of sharing

The Laughter of a Child

Sister Alice Gerdeman, CDP, from Cincinnati, Ohio, always brings such joy to La Posada Providencia.  Sister Alice is a Sister of Divine Providence of Kentucky and we are so lucky that she chose us to visit. Sister Alice stayed at La Posada for the whole month of October this past year and she was such

A Client’s Journey to Freedom

The clients at La Posada Providencia come from a vast array of backgrounds. Their stories are valuable and important. Here is one of our client’s experiences coming to the United States. We all love the country that we are born in.  I loved Venezuela, it was my home, and I worked as a plant manager

Give So Others Can Live

Lifting Up With Hands of Help The Angry Tias and Abuelas is a collective group of women from the Rio Grande Valley dedicated to helping migrants arriving at the U.S.-Mexico border.  The Angry Tias have a strong passion and commitment to feeding the hungry, visiting the imprisoned and comforting the grieving people stranded by U.S


The Power of Generosity It’s here! #GivingTuesdayNow has arrived! At its core, GivingTuesday was created to facilitate our deep-seated desire to help each other. The founding belief has always been that through local action, we can inspire global change. This couldn’t be truer during these unprecedented times. Today, May 5, 2020, is #GivingTuesdayNow – a day to come together to