Celebrating Eastertide at La Posada

Tuesdays in Texas

Celebrating Eastertide at La Posada

This past week at La Posada, we continued celebrating Easter, commemorating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. New clients had recently joined us at the shelter, and we saw it fitting to continue the festivities. During our opening prayer before lunch, Client Mentor, Sister Thérèse Cunningham, SHSp, explained, “Easter is a 50-day celebration, called Eastertide, and

This Is The Day The Lord Has Made, We Will Rejoice And Be Glad

“For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” Matt. 18:20   For La Posada Client Mentor, Sister Thérèse Cunningham, SHSp, the Bible verse from Matthew’s Gospel had special meaning on Easter Sunday. Few staff and clients were around to gather for a celebration. Some clients had moved on the

More than a Shelter; La Posada is a Home

Here at La Posada, our shelter is a home, and we have the humbling privilege of living life with our clients. In our shelter, we love to learn about clients’ cultural traditions and beliefs. We have celebrated birthdays, weddings and enjoy small holidays like International Waffle Day. We have seen baby clients grow into toddlers

La Posada Providencia Forges Ahead Amidst the Migrant Influx

Upon a client’s arrival at La Posada Providencia, Case Manager Jorge Camarillo gathers information detailing their needs and, from that, creates an individualized plan with goals and objectives. The client’s needs can vary significantly from one person to another. Some clients may already have sponsors in place and are simply awaiting travel accommodations (i.e., bus

La Posada Remains Committed to Safety Amid Influx of Clients

Over the past few weeks, La Posada has received an influx of clients seeking asylum, many of whom have waited extended periods at tent cities along the Texas border in Mexico. La Posada is responding to the influx by continuing to practice the Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommended safety protocols to combat COVID-19. CDC

Recipes from Around the World: South Asia

In the past 31 years, La Posada has served over 11,000 guests from 90 countries around the world. Each guest brings their own unique talents, interests, and cultural backgrounds. An advantage of working with our guests includes learning about other cultural practices and social norms. This week, we share with you a favorite recipe from

Meet La Posada’s New Volunteer Coordinator, Laura E. Sutherland

My name is Laura Sutherland, and I am the new Volunteer Coordinator. I will never forget my first day at La Posada Providencia.  I received a joyful welcome, first from two sweet dogs and a cat. A heartwarming welcome came from the staff and clients, followed by an enjoyable homemade meal with everyone. Helping others

A Challenging Week for La Posada

La Posada’s challenging week included the departure of a large group of guests; a birthday party at a hotel with no electricity and a trip to the grocery store which also had no electricity. This past week was a challenging one for La Posada. We had a full house, practicing COVID safety protocols and managing

When The Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going

It is a much-used phrase but very appropriate at La Posada Providencia this week. Yesterday, as was the case for much of Texas, La Posada lost power due to the mighty winter storm that has wreaked havoc across the upper, middle, and Southern United States.  The entire town of San Benito has been without power