Birthdays are the Best

Tuesdays in Texas

Birthdays are the Best

Through the uncertainties of the world, there are rays of light that outshine the darkness. This past week, La Posada Providencia celebrated the 2nd birthday of one of our clients. While masked and socially distanced, La Posada celebrated this birthday with pizza, a colorful cake, colorful decorations, gifts, and of course, a Paw Patrol piñata. We

Back to School

The first day of school is always such an exciting time for so many students.  As this new school year begins, they also prepare to embark on their virtual learning experience.  One such student, a young resident of La Posada, has shown her excitement and is ready to begin school again.  She and her family’s

The Sisters and Sunburst Rotary

It was 1995 when Sister Margaret Mertens encountered the Rotary via one of its members. That was the beginning of what would eventually become a partnership to benefit the community – a partnership with the Harlingen Sunburst Rotary Club. In 2008, Sister Zita Telkamp became a member of the club. Over the years, the Sisters

A Farewell Tribute to the Sisters

La Posada Providencia would like to thank all those who took the time to join us in the tribute car parade for Sisters Zita and Margaret.  The honking, the waving and the cheering made for much excitement.  It was wonderful to see everyone and the love generated could be felt floating in the air. Sister

La Posada bids Farewell

As August closes, La Posada Providencia will be saying goodbye to two very familiar faces.  After more than 30 combined years of dedicated service, Sisters Zita Telkamp and Margaret Mertens bid farewell to their beloved Rio Grande Valley.  Throughout their invaluable work here, they have made a very positive impact on the lives of thousands

La Posada Receives Donation from Afar

La Posada has always been incredibly grateful for the lovely donations that are received. Now more than ever, acts of kindness toward the shelter are received with extreme gratitude.  La Posada has graciously been gifted all sorts of masks for the protection of staff and clients. A recent donation received from Carolyn Bayes, who lives

Live the Passion of Service

COVID-19 has changed the way the world is wired.  Many groups and organization are operating outside the box in order to perform normal tasks due to social distancing.  Because of the pandemic, La Posada has restricted access to the public since March.  However, that has not changed our focus on client safety, empowerment, and education. 

Hurricane Hanna

On July 25, 2020, Hurricane Hanna hit the Rio Grande Valley.  Hurricane Hanna began as a tropical storm but quickly transformed into a Category 1 hurricane. La Posada prepared for the storm by gathering flashlights, batteries, and necessary supplies. After the storm, broken branches and debris could be found on the property. Luckily, La Posada

Germs, germs, go away!

Dr. Erica Jarrett is a longtime friend and volunteer at La Posada Providencia.  She has been committed to coming to the shelter once a week for the last five years.  She volunteers her time to perform health checkups on our babies and children that reside at La Posada.  She is a great and helpful resource

After Challenging Journey, Former Client Finds Success

To seek asylum in a new country is a brave, courageous, and life-changing decision. This decision does not come without sacrifice, obstacles, and often many unforeseen circumstances. To leave your home in fear of your life with an uncertainty of what is to come is nothing short of brave, yet thousands of people are forced