Having Faith

Tuesdays in Texas

Having Faith

Recently, we welcomed Faith Pienta, a 2021 homeschooled, high school graduate. Faith is volunteering at La Posada for twelve weeks and hopes to donate her time to various non-profit organizations for one year. La Posada is her first destination, and her arrival represented perfect synchrony of events as La Posada was arranging coverage for the

Fun in the Sun- Client Field Trip

This past week at La Posada, long-term clients went on a relaxing field trip, and enjoyed a day at South Padre Island (SPI). Long-term clients are guests that stay at La Posada more than 8 days until a sponsor is identified or the client has no sponsor and has committed to pursue their asylum case

Celebrating Cultural Diversity

La Posada is a ministry for people in crisis from around the world. We welcome the stranger, and in doing so, we embrace a variety of cultures and customs. Material possessions can represent facets of identity or be symbolic of culture and traditions. Many of our guests who have experienced difficult migrations can suffer the

Generous Donation Will Benefit Short-Term Clients

This past week at La Posada, we received a generous donation from the Mennonite Central Committee. Immigration Education Coordinator, Ana Hinojosa, arrived on Thursday morning with a special delivery. The donation consisted of 34 backpacks thoughtfully packaged. Each backpack valued at $65 contained personal hygiene items, undergarments, a hoodie, sweatpants, a bath towel, and a

Dr. Selma Yznaga on Trauma Informed Care at La Posada

This week La Posada staff participated in Trauma Informed Care training to fortify support services to all our guests. The training was led by human rights advocate Dr. Selma Yznaga, associate professor of counseling at The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. The training centered on the 4 R’s of trauma-informed care – realize, recognize,

The Wooden Swing – A Favorite La Posada Relaxing Space

One of La Posada’s favorite spaces for relaxation is the wooden bench swing. It is well situated in front of Casa Carolina, the women’s residence, under a large tree providing an abundance of shade all day. Those sitting on the bench swing find it relaxing and enjoy a perfect view of the shelter grounds. The

La Posada Providencia Welcomes Casa de Paz SLV

This past week at La Posada, we welcomed Casa de Paz SLV, a non-profit organization based out of Crestone, Colorado, dedicated to providing holistic trauma support for asylum seekers and migrants. They also have a local team in the Rio Grande Valley (RGV) that coordinates programs via their RGV Board co-chair, a University of Texas

Earth Day: Restore our Earth

This past week at La Posada, we celebrated Earth Day with the theme, “Restore our Earth.”  Client Mentor, Sister Thérèse Cunningham, SHSp, commenced our celebration with a presentation on recycling and composting, two approaches we practice daily at the shelter. Sister then had us all think about personal ways we can commit to restoring the

Pastelitos Hondureños – A Honduran Food Treat

This past week at La Posada, we welcomed Yaha Aguilera and Barbara Ammirati from Save the Children, a humanitarian organization helping children in the US and around the World. Save the Children has been a generous and responsive partner to La Posada in our time of need.   After an informative shelter tour, La Posada

Celebrating Eastertide at La Posada

This past week at La Posada, we continued celebrating Easter, commemorating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. New clients had recently joined us at the shelter, and we saw it fitting to continue the festivities. During our opening prayer before lunch, Client Mentor, Sister Thérèse Cunningham, SHSp, explained, “Easter is a 50-day celebration, called Eastertide, and